As ākonga progress through the Learning Communities there are additional sporting opportunities on offer.

Year 4 ākonga have the opportunity to enter the Rugby Fun Day.  This is rugby for younger players with some experience.
From Year 5 - 8, ākonga have the opportunity to compete further at Selwyn Central Zone and Canterbury events. The events they can enter are:
●   Duathlon and Triathlon
●   Swimming
●   Cross Country
●   Gymnastics (Rhythmic/Artistic)
●   Football
●   Hockey
●   Rugby
●   Netball
●   Athletics.
Not all our ākonga who participate in these sports at zone level participate in them out-of-school.  We provide ākonga an opportunity to try new sports, learning new skills at school level, then if selected they can participate and represent Te Kura o Papatahora at zone level for our school.
In addition to the above events our Intermediate, Year 7 & 8 learners, also have the opportunity to enter Summer and Winter Tournaments every alternate year:
●    Summer Tournament - cricket, tennis
All sports have training sessions, and often have outside coaches who train the ākonga at school.  All sporting opportunities are on our school calendar and are based on the Physical Education and Health Curriculum.
The curriculum states
“This learning takes place as they engage in play, games, sport, exercise, recreation, adventure, and expressive movement in diverse physical and social environments.”
Physical Education and Sport are an essential part of the curriculum that help provide opportunities for ākonga to develop motor skills, knowledge and positive attitudes towards physical activity, while enhancing their relationships with others.
At Te Kura o Papatahora West Melton School there are a number of sporting opportunities offered throughout the year. Our school is part of the Selwyn Central Zone and runs under the umbrella of Primary Sport Canterbury.  We are part of one of the biggest sports zones in Christchurch and as such offer a great opportunity for ākonga to be challenged at zone level, as well as at Canterbury level.  As a school we offer sports opportunities from Year 1 - 8.
We have a range of whole school sports events that occur throughout the school year. These events include ākonga from all of our Learning Communities; from our  New Entrants  all the way through to our Year 7 & 8 Intermediate. These whole school sports events include the following:
●   Triathlon: Y5 - 8 Competitive & Non-Competitive
●   Duathlon Y5 - 8 Competitive & Non-Competitive
●   Swimming  Y5 - 8 Competitive & Non-Competitive.
●   Whole School Cross Country 
●  Athletics  based on the run-jump-throw manual and is run in all the
We are very lucky Te Kura o Papatahora and have in the past had coaching from experienced coaches in football, rugby, volleyball, athletics and tennis.  Outside providers are often used in school to supplement teaching in Physical Education. We have had in the past Canterbury Tennis, Canterbury Basketball, Canterbury Football and Canterbury Touch Rugby and New Zealand Athletics providers.

We are very successful at zone level as well as Canterbury level and find our school is often in the top places in many codes. 

Many of our sporting events rely heavily on our amazing parent community. If you are a parent and would like to be involved as a marshall at future events, or would like more information about our sporting opportunities at Te Kura o Papatahora , please contact our sports coordinator
743 Weedons Ross Road,
West Melton 7618

Phone: (03) 347 8448


Our office hours are Monday to Friday 8:15am - 3:30pm.
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